SÁNCHEZ Juan Antonio (Activo en 1868)

SÁNCHEZ Juan Antonio (Activo en 1868)
Médico de los Baños de Alfaro (Almería).Autor de Memoria de los baños de Alfaro que presenta el dueño en cumplimiento del articulo 24 del Reglamento orgánico para los establecimientos de aguas minerales, aprobado por Real decreto de 11 de Marzo de 1868 / [director] Juan Antonio Sánchez 1868.3 hojas.22 cms. Manuscrito firmado.(Martinez Reguera 1111)





Ranunculus bullatus L.

Ranunculus bullatus L.
Fotografiada en  Cabezo Guevara de Mojácar(5-1-2012)

Su nombre específico deriva del Latín Rana: Rana y Colo: Habitar, ya que muchas de las especies del género Ranunculus son típicas de lugares húmedos. El epíteto específico deriva del latín Bulla: botón, por la forma de sus flores, de donde también proviene el nombre vulgar. Además, como ocurre con muchas otras especies de ranúnculos, se le atribuyen propiedades irritantes, e incluso en uso interno, debido a su contenido en alcaloides derivados de la anemonina pueden producir alteraciones renales y gastrointestinales, que en los casos más graves, causan la muerte.WF 9489, Rambla de los Viruegas (Níjar: AguaAmarga), 20 m, 17-XI-1984, Castro y Guirado; XG
0312, Cabezo de Guevara (Mojácar), 50 m, 2-XII-1984, Guirado; WG 941 1, Río Aguas (Turre), 75 m,2-XII-1984, Guirado; WF 9195, Río Alias (Carboneras),130 m, 3-1-1985, Guirado.Especie de desarrollo efímero tras las lluvias otoñales.. que coloniza suelos de acumulaciónWF 6599, Subiendo a Turrillas (1700l mts)en cubetas y pies de paredones de las14-V-1985, WG 83Zon as bajas. Con estas cita;  se amplía de formade las Parras (Sorbas), 8-IV-1986, Guirado, Mendoza notable el área conocida de esta especie en lay Quesada; WG 8382, Collado de Calderón (Mana), provincia, donde fue citada de la cara N. de la950 m. 4-VII-1987. Guirado v Mendoza. S.a Cabrera Sagredo in LOSA & RIVAS, 19741.Colonizando taludes  y en tomillares sobre Turre y el río de Aguas (LOSA ESPANA 8,sustratos ricos en bases, ya sean calizas o mar- RIVAS GODAY, 1974: FERNANDEZ , 1971,gas. y SAGREDO, 1987).
(La foto que publico está pendiente de identificar la especie)


Mi bisabuelo en inglés

JOSE ACOSTA AND CASQUET (1849-1908.)en éste enlace http://www.myetymology.com/encyclopedia/Jose_Acosta_and_Casquet.html

Titular doctor of Finn (Almeria). He was born in Antas (Almeria) in 1849. Son of gift Juan Acosta, natural of Olula of the River, and Do6na Maria Casquet. It was orphaned to the four years and his, medical military man was educated under the trusteeship of an uncle. It studied Medicine in Madrid where it passed it economically bad. It is said was helped appearing to the examinations by other students companions and who in an occasion got to gain up to 1,000 pts - a then fortune by appearing by another student to an examination. He was titular doctor in Finn in 1882 and it was it until his death in 1908, exerted then 36 years in Finn. He was turned in Ophtalmology arriving to acquire great fame like oculist in all the zone of the Almanzora. It was married with Do6na Eloisa Villarreal Branches, unique daughter of Don Robustiano Branches Garci'a and Do6na Maria of the Villarreal Pillar Eagerness of Shore, this last alive and widow in 1898, date in which Do6na Maria lived with the marriage. Vivian the Real street of Finn, in a house of two floors of 250 meters square each bought in 1883 by D. Robustiano, its father-in-law. It had a son, Jose, and three daughters: Maria (my grandmother), Mª Pilar and Maria Antonia. They tell that to the dawn before leaving she raised them to the sun to all saying: “Young, levantaos that already is the ruiseñor singing in the green one enramada”, which was not refugee by the girls very well who answered of intespectiva form. In 1885 in the middle of Julio, a boy coming from Mule falls ill of rage in Finn to where he had come to see relatives, dying to the few hours. Relatives his that left Cantoria to accompany the burial fell victims of the epidemic when returning to their town. Towards day 20 of July the epidemics of Arboleas began, Olula of the River, Zurgena, Tíjola and the environs of Caves of Almanzora. The center of Finn is first of all the province of Almeria and one of first of Eastern Andalusia. This epidemic extended waters under the Almanzora river, until Zurgena, where it arrived the 24 from July. Don Pepe Acosta faced up with its little means and of way sacrificed to such sanitary disaster. At the end of Julio the epidemic extends river still more arrives until Tíjola and by down until Caves of Side. To title of Cantoria in August of 1885, at this moment is replaced in this one town by Don Trinidad Fernandez Sanchez, because Don Jose “is retained in Finn, place of its residence, by misfortunes happened in its family by causes of the colérica epidemic”. It emphasizes of this doctor (great-grandfather of the author of this work) aside from its commendable daily work, its chivalry, its great humanitarian sense and his hombría of good. Being specialistic outstanding in diseases of the eyes, it carried out numerous treatments and interventions of the eyes and so fame of Oculist by all the region won, receiving ill until from the bordering provinces of whose towns they came until Finn to be cured, not receiving anything to the majority, that was poor. He was austere, exemplary and humanitarian man, something mujeriego, of liberal and librepensador ideology. As atheistic and librepensador the anecdote is counted of him that passing the procession of Easter the Good Friday under the balconies of its house, he left to the balcony with a piece bread and inlay that had tea observing the passage of the procession.

Literal game of baptism:.

“It was born the 8 from December of 1849, being baptized in the Church of Santa Maria de Antas, the 10 of January of 1850 with the name of Jose Antonio, son of Manuel Acosta de Haro, natural of Olula of the River and Maria Casquet Precipice, natural of Antas. His paternal grandfathers were Jose Manuel Acosta (nature does not consist) and Maria Josefa de Haro, natural of Olula of the River. Maternal grandparents: Juan Jose Casquet, natural of Antas and Concepción Precipice, natural of Antas-Godfather: Juan Casquet Precipice (maternal uncle) and the paternal grandmother.

Game of Death:

“In the town of Finn to the seventeen hours of day twenty-four of December of thousands nine hundred eight, before D. Francisco Branches Mud wall, municipal judge and Don Jose Villarreal Eagerness of Shore, secretary, appeared Don Eloy Branches Branches, with their cell person nº. natural of this town, of legal age, married, propietary civil state, domiciled in the Real street nº 2, showing as son-in-law whom Don JOSE ACOSTA CASQUET, natural of Antas, province of Almeria, age of fifty and nine years, Titular Doctor, and domiciled in the Real street number two. IT PASSED AWAY to the sixteen hours of today in his address as a result of cirrhosis of Laenec, according to facultative certification that presents/displays to obtain the corresponding license of interment. - In view of this manifestation.

The Southern Chronicle

Published by Jose Antonio Garci'a Branches in 12:13.


Helianthemum almeriense. Jarilla. Flora de ALBOX . Almería

Helianthemum almeriense. Jarilla. Flora de ALBOX . Almería
Helianthemum almeriense, jarilla, mata turmera o tormera es una planta leñosa muy ramificada de la familia Cistaceae, de vistosas flores blancas,
Es abundante en diversos lugares de la mitad sur de la provincia almeriense, en suelos de naturaleza muy variada, ya que presenta una notable indiferencia edáfica.
Es de temprana floración, por lo que pone una nota florida al invierno.
Las fotos que ofrezco son de diciembre de 2011 en Albox